Eat, Drink and be Merry. Does that sound like a contradiction to your spiritual walk?

What about worry, stress and anxiety? Is that closer to your reality?

We often find ourselves experiencing the latter and when you find yourself caught in these negative emotions…know for certain you have chosen to allow this state of mind.

Nevertheless, if you have chosen to walk in faith, negative emotions are a contradiction to your core belief.

This lower state of mind is what is compared to sleepwalking. The mind has chosen a state unlike what it was created for, yet, it appears to be purely natural because we have grown so accustomed to its familiarity.

In its simplest form these emotions promote death. Just as happiness, joy, love, etc., promote life. If you have indeed chosen to walk in Faith, you have also chosen Life, because Faith and Death are contradictions.

Therefore, you must be cognizant, aware and present in your daily walk even if it feels uncomfortable or unnatural. The subtle nature of falling into negative emotions are clever indeed, so watchfulness is a must. Let The Truth be True that you are Light and Darkness has no place in you.

It is a fact we spend a significant part of our day living in the past

We CAN NOT allow hurt, pain and disappointments from past experiences dictate or determine our Present state of mind. The past is behind us, the future has not yet arrived, so to dwell on the past or to predetermine future events in your imagination is pointless.

Overcome the fear of living in the now, because (now) is the basis of our Christian walk. If you are a Bible reader you will discover many parables that teach this principle.

Read Matthew 6:25-34.

The Oneness of Father means we simply CAN NOT truly live outside of HIS WILL. Our wilderness experiences are a result of our faithless choices. Anxiety, worry and stress are signals of contradiction, these emotions are an indication we have chosen incorrectly.

As we become more aware of these contradictions, I am confident, we will begin to make faith-filled choices and begin living Healthier Lives full of Joy, Happiness, Peace and Prosperity.

Love Yall…

Phrase To Remember:

Contradictions Cause Complete Chaos

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