To defend implies there is something to protect. Can you protect your own life? Do you not know it is already protected? With fear we walk the path of Peace, lost in our own imaginations. Life is but a vapor, indeed, but our true nature is eternal.  

Why defend temporal things, when eventually they are lost? Why defend eternal matters, when it requires no defense. What is true will stand forever even in the midst of Falseness, it requires no negotiations. However, you must defend the Ego’s life, for it depends on your protection. It can not live without your constant witness.

Who would defend what they DO NOT love, yet it has hated you from the beginning. It seeks nothing more than to take pleasure in your demise.

There is this place called the Holy Instant, the most beautiful place I know. I’ll take you there, but only, if you really want to go. You’ll find you know this place so well, you have been here before. It is the moment in time, where time stands still, because time does not apply. It is HERE! It is NOW! It is This Instant!

How To Destroy The Ego

The past is past and has no place, when NOW is all you know. The Holy Instant simply does not require your defense, it is truth and can simply stand alone. Your protection lies within your awareness of being in the NOW. HE is OMNIPRESENT. In the present (aware and in the present moment) you are with HIM, know that you are safe.

So, what do you protect, except the arrogance of the ego? You fight for the images your ego has created. Kingdoms of nothingness built upon imagined realities. You protect it with blood and skin, but what is True, is true indeed, needing nothing to uphold its righteousness. Today, Let us walk in strength and confidence knowing we are protected always by the Divine.

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