Yea, though I walk through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me: thy rod and thy staff they comfort me. 

What then is the Shadow of Death? 

Does death cast a shadow? 

These are the questions we ponder in reading this scripture and in my discovery found the Shadow of Death to be…Doubt. 

What is doubt, except the absence of Trust, but Doubt must be exposed in order to realize its methods. 

Maybe some would say that a shadow is an indication of what is to come. 

The response would be yes, Death shall surely follow Doubt. 

A valley would indicate a low place.

We all have valley experiences in our lives, and in keeping up with the writer of this Psalm, doubt is in the valley(low place in life). 

However, we can perhaps look at doubt as being the cause of our valley experiences too. 

Nevertheless, the writer expresses his trust and surety in the presences of Divinity even in the midst of doubt by dismissing the fear of evil. 

First, we would have to ask; How do we find ourselves living in doubt? Trust, not firmly anchored can generate Doubt.

Consequently, if we look at the word, shadow, we realize that a shadow is not a real image, only a backdrop. 

Who then is fearful of shadows? 

Who believes a shadow to be real? 

If we remove fear from the equation, shadows would lose the power of its uncertainty. 

We would then have to question whether doubt can be based on reality or illusion. 

Is it an illusion to believe in the reality of doubt? 

We all have lived in doubt at one time or another, manifesting itself, through worry, anxiety, stress.  

However, if Doubt is only the Shadow of Death, is the Light of Life illuminated as well? 

Can Trust then be Life’s Light? 

I am the Way, The Truth and the Life, no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

How To Stop Living In Doubt

It is essential for us to deal with this issue, because it can spread like cancer. 

In writing about this subject, I am allowing God to expose the areas of doubt that are present in my life. 

What I am discovering is doubt is continually present. 

It reminds me of the air we breath everyday, it is there, but we don’t think about it. 

As I become aware throughout my day, I realize that my concern over the cares of the world becomes overwhelming at times, and as I am overcome, I understand now that doubt is the culprit. 

Doubt, that I am truly and thoroughly taken care of. 

Doubt that my needs will be met according to His riches. 

This is the battle that is spoken of in the Scriptures.

It is very subtle in nature, yet it is poison that spreads quietly with devastating intentions. 

If unidentified it will bind even the strong man.

Fear and Doubt are running mates, because when I find myself overcome by doubt, fear is always present. 

However, trust eliminates the presence of fear.

If you trust that your chair, for instance; will support you upon sitting, fear does not enter. 

Nevertheless, if you doubt that it will, you are reluctant to sit for fear of falling.

Doubt is birthed from fear and can not survive without it.

If you would say to this mountain, be thou removed and not waiver, it shall be done. 

Yet, we look at the mountain and become fearful, Doubt is then conceived. 

That is why the writer could walk through the Valley of Doubt and Fear NO EVIL, because he knew Fear would make Doubt come alive. 

The writer put total trust in Who was with him. 

He said, because thou art with me, I will fear no evil.

My question then becomes, how do we get to that kind of trust? 

Faith comes by hearing the Word of Father. 

Oh, not reading, but hearing? 


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