Every prison has a guard.

Who you choose to imprison you must protect from escape.

Who will guard the door to ensure he remains confined?

You have yet to believe you are imprisoned as well as he, and further you believe he has done this to himself and must bare the consequences alone.

So you take the role of Judge, which is not your function here.

Why would you set free whom you have judged deserves punishment?

This, you believe is his fate for his sinful acts, else you deem your Creator unjust because punishment does not come swiftly enough.

Then punishment he must have, because you have reserved it to be so.

Think you do not imprison him, but with judgment you have indeed.

You must know the same judgment you render will be judged to you also.

Know you not that your freedom lies with his.

Your freedom is found in his release.

Your decision can be his release or his bondage, but know for sure your decision effects both of you.

How To Find Your Freedom

Freedom is the result of release and forgiveness is the key.

Will you release him from your judgment so you both can be set free, or would you prefer that he remains?

Vengeance is mine sayeth the Lord, but you will to see it now.

Nevertheless, your judgment is swift and sharp, and punishment harsh indeed.

Would you want this for yourself?

Yet you are unaware, your judgment is for you as well.

Who will keep him confined so your judgment of him may stand?

It is you who must guard the door to ensure he remains bound.

Your Freedom lies with his.

How Judgment Imprisons You

When we choose condemnation over forgiveness we lock ourselves into the judgment. 

But you must understand, you will not forgive the thing you believe is unforgivable.

Your belief in judgment and condemnation will undermine your efforts to forgive, because forgiveness contradicts your core belief of what is deserved.

This is where you find yourself attempting to do what is virtually impossible to do.

Forgive something or someone who in your estimation does not deserve it, yet, you know it is the right thing to do.

Therefore, you try to muster up all of the energy and effort necessary to accomplish this act of forgiveness.

How disappointing it is when you find out you can’t do it.

The reason you can’t do it is because you are fighting against two conflicting mindsets within yourself and only one is true.

Forgiveness is not necessary when you have reached the point of knowing that there is only ONE Truth.

There is only one Truth and everything else is false.

What is False does not require forgiveness, because it is not true.

Truth stands alone requiring nothing to justify its existence.

Therefore, you remain in bondage because you judge what Father does not know, because your Freedom lies in Non-Judgment.

Freedom From Judgment

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