How do we give up after investing so much in not giving up…    How do we give up?….when not giving up is all we know. 

Perseverance is the call of the day, try and try again, our motto.  We are a determined people indeed, persistent in our pursuit. Giving up is a losers game, second nature for the lost, a common occurrence for those who lack direction.

Possessions are the evidence of what Not Giving Up can do.

Trophies of our persistence are on display for all the world to see. Cars, houses, clothes, money, jewelry, etc., are all indicative of our social status, speaking volumes about our tenacity and our drive for success. But what is the cost of materialism? Is it worth the sweat and tears? Can the value of life be realized by Rolex or each breath symbolic of Bentley.

Many have accomplished success in their pursuit, but a wise man would way the cost.  True prosperity is not carnal, True Wisdom worth more than gold. Settle yourself with a friendly reminder of the treasure you possess inside.

Giving Up

Give Up the aggravation of wanting what you don’t have. Give Up the frustration of not being in the position you think you should be in. Give Up your need to be right…all the time. Give Up the distant memories of past relationships gone bad. Give Up and just Give.

As you begin to Give..doors of opportunity will fling open. The best thing about Giving Up is that material things lose value, you can take it or leave it. Giving Up allows you to be lead by a Higher Power, greater than you, but inside of you too. Enter into your day of Rest.

That’s all Giving Up really is…

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