For so long, I thought if I gave, I would then lose the thing I gave.

I thought, when I received something, I wasn’t concerned that someone else experienced loss, I was just excited to receive it, especially if it was something I really, really wanted. Like that Nurf basketball set, you can hang on the back of the door, I got it when I was about 11 years old…..damn….I loved that thing. I would palm the little Nurf ball like Dr. J (Julius Erving), and maaaaan, couldn’t nobody tell me I wasn’t THE DOC.

Anyway, lost myself for a minute….

Back to my point, now after having this mindset for years, that if I gave something, it meant I lost it, is a difficult concept to overcome. Now, growing up in East Chicago, Indiana, I always had this inner sense of survival, not that I would rob anybody or anything, but my focus was definitely not on helping the next man. Yeah…that’s a good way to put it.

Now that was back in the day, but even now if I’m not present in my awareness, those tendencies still try to find a home inside of me. But, I know better now. Somebody said, when you know better, you do better.

Well, I have found that when you give… I mean when you truly give, you know…expecting nothing in return…just giving out of the kindness of your heart, without tryin’ to do a favor for a favor. It’s almost like heaven opens up its doors and the light of Father shines on you and refreshes your inner most being, it becomes such a joy to give, especially when you know you’re helping someone else along the way.

That’s probably how my mother felt when she gave me my Nurf Basketball set. The Giver and the Receiver becomes ONE, both experiencing the same joy at the same moment in time. Connected on a level far deeper than you can imagine. Now that’s awesome. There is NO Greater Love than to lay aside your own agenda and aspirations to help those in need.

Experience the Power of Giving, for Giving and Receiving are truly the SAME.

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  • Giving and Receiving are the SAME

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