Many would say…. I want to forgive…. But find it difficult to do so. 

This struggle can take many forms, but all forms lead to what we know as our ego. 

Don’t underestimate the Ego. 

The ego wants to replace God. 

We struggle with forgiveness because the ego wants to replace GOD? 

YES…..  We would forgive because we know it is the right thing to do, but the Ego will not allow such a thing.

Does unforgiveness produce guilt?

How can it not?

If you know forgiveness is the call of the day and you choose not to do so, ultimately a sense of guilt will follow.

This may or may not be an overwhelming sense of guilt, but, it is a violation of your inner self that eats away at your consciousness.

When God says forgive and you shall be forgiven, the ego says, (but they hurt me, or they need to be punished, or we secretly want to see God’s (EGO) vengeance make them suffer.  Can you see where the guilt lies.

Our guilt lies in our desire for revenge. 

When God puts His spirit in you, it is unsettling NOT to carry out what His spirit is always guiding you to do (FORGIVE). 

The truth is Forgiveness frees YOU. 

Fathers Love Wants You To Live In Freedom

We choose NOT to forgive because we think it will let the other person off the hook. 

If you examine closely you will discover how unforgiveness keeps you in the bondage of guilt. 

How does unforgiveness keep me in bondage? 

Naturally you feel a sense of guilt or regret when you do something you know in your heart you shouldn’t do or if you don’t do something you know you should. 

Natural, right? 

The same principle applies in our refusal or unwillingness to forgive. 

We are aware this is something we should do, but somehow unaware of the consequences of not doing so. 

Unforgiveness is like heavy baggage that you feel you are strong enough to handle, but the longer you handle it, the heavier it becomes. 

It weighs you down and becomes more of a burden than ever imagined. 

Your level of willingness to resolve this matter of unforgiveness will be your measure of release.    

How can the SAVED live under the bondage of Guilt. 

Is that possible? 

We make the choice… We choose to live bound or free.   

As we begin a new decade and a new year, let us chose FREEDOM

Freedoms choice is a choice of liberation. 

We must let the captives free. 

Every Prison has a Guard. 

When you choose to free those who have caused you hurt or pain, you open the doors to the prison you created for them. 

Without a prisoner, there is NO need for a Guard. 

Begin this journey to understand the reality of this truth.

Let us move forward with strength and confidence, knowing our destiny lies in the mind of our True Self.

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