There is a process in which we all seem to experience in order to discover or rediscover our True Self.

It is in some respect our initiation into manhood and/or womanhood. 

This process has in some cases been the culprit of sleepless nights, damaged emotions, feelings of regret, and in some cases lives are literally destroyed because of it. 

It is truly a difficult process to overcome, nonetheless, crossing over to the other side of this experience produces strength, self worth, confidence, and ultimately forges us ahead into the journey of rediscovery of self.   
It is vital that we find our way back to Self, for this is our ultimate task. 

When you tear away all of the layers of your outer self, meaning, the body, which is only the shell of our existence, the soul, which is the emotional part of us; you will find lying underneath the surface the core of who you really and truly are. 

In your truest form, you are spirit! 

Just as God, our spirit nature is at the core of who we really and truly are. 

This True Self is spirit, He made man in His own likeness and image.  
At some point in our lives all of us experience pain, heartbreak and disappointments, these realities are all conditions signaling our need to return to love. 

Believe me, you know Love.  You know it, because you come from it.  

Love is the very essence of our True Self. 

If in fact we truly come from God, which is the basis of our belief, just as God is Love and the Creator of the Universe, we as His offspring take on that same definition.   
When we are born, we take on many of the characteristics of our parents. 

One may have the personality of their Father or eyes like their Mother.  

At birth we acquire the family name. 

Similarly, we take on the same characteristics of our HEAVENLY FATHER, however, many times we are taught the very things that contradict who we really are. 

Thus, this journey is not a discovery of the unknown, it is a return to our true nature which we have known all along.       

Life can be cruel and along the way we suffer loss

For many of us once love is lost, we are scarred for life and the desire to love again, especially if we are rejected, refused or misused is almost null and void, however, there is hope.   
This journey is a return, because we have been there before.

In relationships there is a healthy way to Love. 

However, I must warn you that whenever you put anyone or anything before God you have entered into an unhealthy relationship.  

How To Return To Love

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