How long will you not know my call?

Do you not hear my voice and know it is I?

My sheep hear My Voice and are not moved by the voice of others.  

You can not see Me through eyes of flesh nor can you hear Me through ears of skin.

Be still…

Listen as I call your name.

My call is heard by those who know me and ignored by those who don’t.

I am here, inside of you.

Listen and you will see.

Let me be your judgment because your judgments are partial indeed.

My guidance is sure.

Watch as I unfold the mysteries of the world.

Will you listen and look within?

Will you listen for me?

Your ego has not taught you lessons of truth.

It only speaks of despair and weakness, which is the reality of itself.


Let us reason together.

Finding The Truth

Listen To God
Do you really want to know the truth?


Eternal things can not be judged by temporal sources.
How can you truly judge?


Haven’t I shown you how uncertain your judgments can be?

Trust that I will order your thoughts.

I will separate your dreams of illusions and show you truth indeed.

Truth has not left you.

It sits quietly inside of you waiting for your return.

You look on outer things to save.

Look within and you’ll find salvation.    
Is it possible you could be lost, yet unaware?

Masking your uncertainty by a confident demeanor.

How lost indeed…

The defense of the ego is for insanity to remain.

But let us not remain uncertain.

For the truth has come.

Look Inside of You

Ask… and I will show you the way.

But you are sure you are on the right path, no need to ask, right?

You don’t ask because you assume you already know.
But, ask and it shall be given unto you.

Would your rather defend the egos vain tricks of grandiosity or give up your way for mine?

Salvation is inside of you.

Be Still… Listen…

Look Within

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