It is clear that the world is designed to keep us away from Realizing our True Power.

Although it may appear to the contrary, upon closer review, you will understand how the world is setup to steer you in the direction of Self Deprivation.

It is not clear to you how you continue to deprive yourself of the very thing that is intended to Possess Unlimited Power.

You are Created for Greatness, but you have decided to look to outer sources for this strength.

As you Neglect the Power that lies within you and every one of us, you will continue to struggle in your search for Remedies to cure your insatiable thirst for Power.

Because, you are unaware that this Power you seek is inside of you.

Somehow we are drawn away from our natural state of consciousness into this outer fascination with the material world and it’s trappings.

As we become constantly bombarded with the lure of offerings such as prestige, power, money, popularity and influence, we are steered ever so slowly away from the inner power we possess.

Greater is He that is In Me, than he that is in the world.

How true is that?

Do you believe this is the case for you?

Many have lived their whole lives without discovery of this Truth.

As you become fixated with the World View of Power, you lose sight of the most precious commodity given to you.

Where Do I Look To Find The Power I Need?

How can True Power come from Anything Outside of Yourself?

If you were Appointed the Authority to Oversee A Major Corporation for instance; yet, you Do Not Possess the Inner Strength or Fortitude to Occupy such a Position, soon you will Lose the Appointment.

Why is this so?

It is so because all of our True Power come from within ourselves, but somehow we believe the opposite is true.

In order to get that company raise or promotion, we often look for someone of influence to attach ourselves to.

In some cases this kind of maneuvering can pay off, but often it leads to being exposed if one is not qualified for the position.

You will continue to look to Outer Sources, until you are convinced of the Power that lies within.

Once this discovery is made nothing and no one can stop you from anything you want to do.

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