What greater guarantee that you will not find salvation than focusing all of your energy and efforts in searching for it where it is not? Have you ever misplaced your keys and searched for them all over your house, only to find them in your pocket or purse? Well the salvation search has many similarities. There is a tendency to look outside of ourselves in our quest to find it.

The logical thing is to define what salvation is. Now for many, salvation means we are saved and destined for Heaven’s Pearly Gates, which means, we are saved in the end. when our days have ended here on earth we will be separated from the unsaved.

For others, salvation refers to the overcoming of our present shortcomings and limitations. Every obstacle, situation and challenge encountered here on Earth is overcome and becomes our testimony of salvation.

But, who is to say one interpretation is more accurate than the other? Perhaps both carry some elements of truth. Whatever your personal interpretation of salvation is, it is clear, salvation is essential.

Salvation can be elusive to those who are unaware. All my life I have searched for salvation as if it were something hidden from me. I would ask, Lord save me from this situation or Lord save me from my oppressors. Now I think how insane it is to ask for something that has already been given to me.  I noticed the thing I lacked was faith. Faith to believe everything Father has is mine.

Although, this may appear to be a leap of faith, it is a leap that is required in order for you to walk into the promises of Father. Now we are saved by grace, through faith. Faith that Father wills to supply every need according to His riches in Christ Jesus. This is salvation. The way to salvation is already accomplished and the gift of salvation already given; you will find it inside of you.

The egos idea of salvation is much different

Salvation for the ego requires separation. Separation is only a decision not to know yourself. The ego believes salvation is of itself and is accomplished by external means. It believes to look inside of yourself would be death and outside is Love. It believes Love can not be inside by covering its presence with guilt. Salvation lies in the fact that illusions are not fearful, because they are not true.

Therefore, the idea the ego has requiring salvation to be separation must be brought to or joined with what true salvation is. You can not know salvation without the joining of all beliefs. As your beliefs are brought together, only ONE shall remain.

If you fail to bring them together a split mind is the result. Your faith will swing from belief in separation to belief in ONENESS and then back again. Like Love, salvation is constant. However, what is constant remains true even without your awareness of it.

Nonetheless, it seems we are determined to find salvation in every place it is not. Searching every corner of the globe only to find it in the only logical place we fail to look. The outer world is only a reflection of what’s inside of you, and the journey to find true salvation is without question, internal indeed. Father has placed salvation within our reach.

The Kingdom of Heaven is inside of you and where Heaven’s Kingdom is, there, salvation is also. Although your outer world may be filled with chaos and confusion, this does not negate the fact that salvation lies within you. Father has placed it in the secret place.

We go to great lengths searching for it, yet, we almost always opt to look to external sources. Perhaps you are convinced that you are unworthy to host such a precious commodity. Is it fearful to look inside and are you afraid you will not find it there?

Is it possible to search the murky waters of our humanness and discover precious pearls of peace? What better place for hidden jewels than a place where few would look? But hidden, it is not, only obscured from our vision by fleshly desires.

Guilt will hinder our willingness to look within, because guilt breeds fear, yet the innocent are fearless. Fear hides Truth and Guilt requires separation. Separation is not Truth, because Truth is ONE. Separation requires two opposing views, but where Light is, darkness can not enter. Guilt cast dark shadows, but Light has no opposition.

The veil of guilt is already ripped, for you are innocent indeed. Only in innocence will you know the Truth, because innocence is Light. But innocence is hidden by guilt. Yet, who will accept guilt when precious blood has been shed for atonement.

Guilt is used to veil the truth of who you really are. Will you allow Guilt to hinder you from discovering true salvation? Many do. Bring Guilt to the alter of the Secret Place inside of you, where salvation stands forever accessible, and there; you will find peace

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