We are all aware of the economic crisis that has crippled many families. It has caused many to lose what they have worked for their entire lives.

It is difficult to witness Homes being Foreclosed, Vehicles repossessed, Relationships being torn apart and Families being devastated. 

This is the reality of the day, but fortunately, we all have a part we can play in the matter.

The call of the day is to begin to Share.  Share whatever it is you can. 

Everybody has something to share. 

It may be a smile, a kind word, a funny story, your time, your treasure, etc. 

Whatever you have to offer, begin sharing it today. 

We often encourage children to share with others but it seems the older we get, the less we want to share.

There is a Business Opportunity I would like to share with you, so you may in-turn share it with someone else. 

It is an Amazing Opportunity for you not only to help others, but to also position yourself for growth.  This is what Sharing does, it positions you for growth.

It has taken years for me to discover that the things you try to hold on to, are the very things you lose, and what you give…you gain. 

This concept contradicts popular belief, but just take a brief examination of your experiences. 

The old boyfriend or girlfriend you thought you couldn’t live without. 

You did everything you could to make them stay, what happened? GONE. 

Remember that old job you used to have, you tried your best to hold on to…your probably glad you’re no longer there. 

The fact remains that the tighter your grasp to hold on, the greater the desire to escape, but Freedom, has no grasp.

What are the benefits of Sharing

The amazing thing about Sharing is that it is expansive. 

The things you share never really leaves you, because in order for you to share it, you must first have it to share.

Sharing then connects you to the thing you share and the recipient, resulting in expansion of what was shared.

Let us today, begin to embrace the spirit of sharing

Share your time, your talent, your resources and your treasure and let’s watch together and see how sharing changes the world.

The Spirit of Sharing

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