For every cause there is an effect and every action is followed by a reaction. An effect does not precede it’s cause nor does a reaction come prior to an action, although, our perception is sometimes clouded and the reversal of these events appears to be true. Cause appears to be effect and effect is misunderstood as cause. The reversal of this concept causes confusion for many, yet the solution to this dilemma is very simple. 

There is but ONE CAUSE.   All other causes are but illusions and illusions generated through an untrue cause will produce unreal effects.  So, what then causes you to experience pain, worry, anxiety and fear? 

If there is but ONE CAUSE, does this Cause produce such unpleasant effects? It is only because we look at effect as if it is were cause that we fail to question it’s origin.

Now fear for example, is generated through guilt. The guiltless has no fear.  Therefore, if guilt is the cause of fear, the effect is based on illusions, because True Cause is guiltless.  If you are familiar with the story of Adam and Eve, you will find this fact to be consistent. Their guilt produced fear, which caused them to cover themselves. 

Where light is darkness can not enter. Neither can they co-exist. Where one is, the other ceases to be. Guilt is not Light. Guilt is generated through darkness, and darkness clouds the mind.

But, darkness and light must be brought together, because being kept apart you can not make correct distinctions. As you consider this, contemplate the Masters message of the wheat and tares, how He allowed them both to grow up together and as time would have it, the tares would not survive. 

For there is not two worlds, only one. You will see two, only if the mind is split, and a split mind indicates lack of clarity. The mind must be given to the One who can lead and guide into Truth.  He is True Cause and nothing else.  You shall receive as you give, for the cost of giving is receiving.

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