It’s tough to see how we all are one, especially after being taught how separated we are. 

The world teaches separation. 

Separation by class, race, religion, work, education etc.….the list goes on.

Sunday morning is one of the most segregated hours in America. 

It hurts to hear it, but sadly it’s true. 

Many of our churches are sanctuaries of separation as opposed to tabernacles of liberty and unity. 

But all is not lost.

Oneness of Self

It is a difficult concept to grasp and perhaps we will never fully understand the complexity of it, but based on simple principles, we can get a glimpse of the concept of oneness.  

Examine the body, each member of the body has a function, but it is ONE body. 

If you stub your toe, notice how other members of your body come to the aid of your injured toe. 

If it hurts, we bend our legs or position our body to reach it.

We extend our arms and we rub it with our hand. 

It’s amazing, how every part of body comes to the aid of the part that is hurting.

Even our blood is directed to where it is needed. 

This is the basic premise of the concept of oneness and ultimately our function here on earth.   

The Illusion Of Separation

If you notice how children play together you will see how carefree and willing they are to play with one another. 

That is…. until they are taught separation. 

Sometimes it a subliminal message and sometimes it is clearly spoken. 

But the fact remains, it is learned behavior and not natural to the overall nature of our existence.  

Everything in nature is inclusive. 

It consistently promotes oneness. 

In the Bible, Christ teaches us to Love our neighbor as ourselves. 

He also said, there is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither bond nor free, there is neither male nor female: for ye are all one in Christ Jesus. 

Now that is simple!

Simple, but not easy.   

Will you join me in making a commitment to become more aware of areas in your life where you have willingly chosen separation and abandoned the spirit of oneness?

Let’s begin this journey together in perfect confidence.

Knowing that together we can meet the difficult challenges with overwhelming optimism and form a more perfect bond of peace and good will toward man.

The Concept of Oneness

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